All your eDNA needs covered by us



We at eDNA solutions specialize on processing environmental sequence data, from genomics, metagenomics and (meta)barcoding projects.

Data analysis


We are up-to-date with the latest technologies used in genomic research, thus, we can provide our clients with the most proficient methods to analyze high throughput sequencing data.

Counting on dedicated hardware and optimized software, we handle massive datasets in the most efficient way, offering our clients an outstanding service. We do not just perform data management, we also specialize on statistics and can help with fitting the most suitable models, and provide the significant biological characteristics hidden in your data.

Whatever the experimental context in which your sequencing data are gathered: “de novo” sequencing, re-sequencing, Chip-Seq analyses or mRNA-Seq studies, we will be the best partner in such a colaboration.

Software development


Big data does not directly imply useful information. Thorough preprocessing of large datasets is mandatory before any meaning can be extracted from them.

Efficient algorithms are needed to provide interpretable results.In this scenario, each biological project has very specific computational requirements which, most times, are not fulfilled by standard databases.

We can help you in the design and creation of bioinformatic tools customized to your needs and requirements.

Data storage and publication


We can help with setting up data storage strategies and data transfer to public databases.

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