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Technologies offered by eDNA solutions are based on the expertise developed since 2002 by its research scientists in the field of environmental DNA (eDNA). Our expertise include the development and application of quantitative nucleic acid assays and high throughput sequencing approaches for assessing biodiversity over all three domains of life. From macro- to microorganisms, eDNA based methods enable improved detection of rare or elusive species and often lead to a reduction in survey costs. It also minimises the impact of sampling on the natural habitat such as risks of introduction of pathogens or invasive species during sample collection.





for environmental data analysis

Bioinformatics is the application of computers to the management of biological data. Bioinformatics uses computers to store, process, analyze, manage, and retrieve large volumes of biologic and genomic data, often referred to as big data. We help environmental scientists manage, process, and analyze genomic and molecular data. We build and maintain databases to contain the information, and create or select algorithms to process, analyze, visualize, and interpret environmental data. We may also use data mining techniques or statistical software, and extend the capabilities of software packages, Web tools, databases, and database queries.

Final products include stunning data visualization can go a long way to help communicate scientific findings to decision makers and the public.

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