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We at eDNA solutions provide bioinformatic training in processing environmental data.



The goal is to provide sufficient knowledge in the craft of programry boaTe enable scientists to solve the easy and intermediate computational problems they will be confronted with independently. The course will give them a intermediate practical proficiency in the python programming language. After the course the participant should be able to:


• Write simple and intermediate programs in python to process, filter, clean, analyze, and visualize scientific data.

• Ability to automate much of the computational tasks that are used in their day-to-day


• Understand the universally used paradigm of object-oriented programming as it is implemented in python.

• Understand the necessity and advantage of using test-driven development.

• Understand the best practices in python programming, such as the advantages of style guides.

• Basic proficiency with the revision control solution that is “git” to archive and distribute the programs or scripts created.

• Acquire experience with understanding and quickly debugging errors within the code.

• Ability to read and understand programs written by one’s pears, to review them or modify them.

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