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Alex is the founder of eDNA solutions LTD, with over a decade of experience in genomics and bioinformatics. Prior to creating eDNA solutions LTD, Alex served as an Associate Professor at Uppsala University where he led a research team specialized in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. His background is in ecology and genetics, skills that he combines with molecular biology, bioinformatics, and statistics. Having learned programming skills throughout his scientific career, he is able to understand the hurdles and difficulties that other biologists will encounter.

Mats has worked on the interface of biology and bioinformatics for over a decade. He has experience from working as a bioinformatics expert in a wide range of research projects in academia. Recently he has started to work on a subcontracting basis for the industry providing bioinformatics solutions.

External advisory board


Professor Eva S. Lindström

Eva is a Professor at Uppsala University working on theoretical aspects of microbial diversity. She is interested in what is regulating the biogeographic patterns of microbes and in general what is the role of microbes in aquatic ecosystems. To be able to do so she relies on molecular tools, bioinformatics and biostatistics.


Professor Alexandre Antonelli

Alexandre is a Professor at the University of Gothenburg and he also heads the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre. He is an evolutionary biologist with practical and theoretical experience ranging from fieldwork in the tropics to molecular-based laboratory and analytical techniques. He is interested in combining data and techniques from phylogenetics, palaeontology, ecology, systematics, and geology for addressing empirical biological questions. His research has focused on the origins and evolution of tropical America’s outstanding biodiversity.


Assoc. Prof. Manfred Grabherr

Manfred is an Associate Professor at Uppsala University and SciLife Lab where he heads a group of bioinformaticians specialised on the analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequencing data. He has extensive experience in developing bioinformatic tools (e.g. Trinity - a RNA-Seq de novo transcriptome assemblre and downstream analysis toolbox)


Magnus Tuvendal, PhD

Magnus is an environmental consultant at Calluna AB. In his work with municipalities and private corporation he is well aware of the practical implementation of ecosystem services, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions in urban development. He as an environmental consultant can see several opportunities where an application of eDNA can contribute by replacing and complementing existing methods as also possibly adding an entirely novel approach for questions we today do not have practical methods, e.g. surveying biodiversity and validating predictive modeling of ecological networks.


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